5 Smart Reasons to Use Hemp Oil for Dogs

hemp oil for dogs
hemp oil for dogs As dog owners, we want to do what is best for the health of our dogs; and that includes feeding them the right diet. But with recent concerns about the quality of pet food, owners are looking for ways to take control of their pet’s nutrition themselves. One way to do this is by adding hemp seed oil to their food. But what are the benefits of hemp oil for dogs? Read on to find out.

What is Hemp Oil for Dogs?

If you’re wondering, ‘Is hemp oil safe for dogs?’ the answer is yes. Hemp oil is a green colored oil that has been extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. Although it is a type of cannabis, hemp doesn’t contain THC which is what causes the psychoactive properties of cannabis. Hemp oil has a nutty taste and contains a range of beneficial substances..

Hemp Oil Benefits for Dogs

There are plenty of benefits to adding hemp oil to your pet’s food. Here are five of the best.

Linoleic Acid

Dogs can’t make linoleic acid in their bodies, so they need to get it from their diet. It’s an Omega 6 essential fatty acid (EFA), and it’s used by your dog’s system to make other EFA’s. It’s a great supplement to add to ruminant-meat (beef & lamb) based pet food which is usually low in these fatty acids.

Easily Digested

Hemp oil has a pleasant, nutty flavor and is easy on your dog’s stomach. You can even feed hemp seeds in their raw form; uncrushed if your pet has a need for extra fiber. Either way, your canine friend won’t turn it’s nose up at hemp dog food. Even pups who have conditions that stop them from absorbing all the nutrients from regular food get the benefit of hemp seed oil.

Improves the Coat

Hemp oil does great things for our hair, and it’s also great for your dog’s coat. It helps to improve the condition and volume of your pet’s fur. Because the coat is healthier, you may even see a reduction in shedding as each hair has a longer life-span.

More Nutrients

Hemp oil isn’t just a great source of Linoleic Acid, it’s also packed with vitamins and minerals. You’ll find Vitamins B & E alongside Calcium (and Magnesium to help absorb it). It’s also the only plant-based source of Vitamin D3.

Joint Support

On top of all that, it also contains Gamma Linolenic Acid which can help joint problems and reduce inflammation. If your dog is showing signs of arthritis or is a breed which is prone to it, this could help.

Hemp Seed Oil Dosage

The recommended dosage is based on the quantity of food your pet eats, rather than their body weight. As a guide add 1tsp of oil to every 1lb of lean meat (less than 10% fat).

Buying Hemp Seed Oil

If you’d like to give your canine friend all of these benefits of hemp oil for dogs and more, then browse our range of hemp pet foods today.

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