5 Surprising Products That Are Made from Hemp (Some Will Surprise You!)

products made from hemp
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The world is finally coming around to the huge benefits to be found in hemp.

2018 was a big year for hemp products. First, Canada legalized all cannabis plants throughout the country. Later in the same year, the U.S. legalized the growth and cultivation of hemp.

Now the hemp industry is poised for major growth. See what products are involved in pushing all this growth that you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

Here’s a list of five products made from hemp you might not know about.

The Versatility of Products Made from Hemp

You’re probably used to seeing hemp being used for paper and fabric products. And that makes sense as the fiber is one of the most useful parts of the plant. Its fast growth and durability make hemp ideal for this purpose.

Hemp is actually extremely versatile. Many products made from hemp utilize the plant’s other useful properties.

1. Lotion

Hemp lotion is rich with essential fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin. There are many purposes that hemp lotion can be used for. 

Hemp lotion works well for people with dry and sensitive skin. But moisturizing can always help skin maintain a smooth texture and complexion.

Hemp lotion also has anti-aging effects. It has the same essential fatty acids that are present in skin lipids. It can improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce wrinkles by lubricating beneath the skin’s surface.

Some skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can be helped by hemp lotion as well. It’s used to help with the itching and pain that these conditions cause.

2. Shampoo

Some of the same components of hemp that are so useful for skin creams are also great for shampoo. 

The essential fatty acids in hemp shampoo help open up hair follicles and promote hair growth. It’s also good for reduced dry and flakey skin on the scalp. 

3. Milk

Hemp milk is made simply by blending the hemp seeds with water. It’s desirable for its nutrition and also enjoyable for it’s early, nutty flavor. Many hemp milk brands will add sweeteners and thickeners for a more creamy texture.

It’s nutritious because it’s high in plant proteins and healthy fats while being lower in calories than cow’s milk. And it makes a perfect addition to your hemp infused coffee.

4. Beer

Some breweries have released hemp-brewed beer beginning as early as the 1990s. Recently many more varieties have been produced. Even Blue Moon has made three different kinds.

There are some brewers that are grinding hemp seeds to make the wort in their brewing process. Others are infusing the beer with hemp seed oil. And both ways are becoming more popular on the market.

5. Plastics

There are many plastic products made from hemp. One interesting and unexpected product is cars.

It will surprise many people, but actually, there’s nothing new about this. It’s been done since Henry Ford built a car largely using hemp and soy plastic in the 1940s. 

A more recent example is the 2008 Lotus Eco Elise, which used hemp plastic for many of the components from the door panels to the instrument panels. 

More on Products Made from Hemp

These five are just some of the many products made from hemp. When you look into it more, you’re likely to find all kinds of things that you may want to use.

Learn more and shop for the products that are best for you.

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