5 Surprising Ways Hemp Oil Benefits Your Skin

hemp oil for skin
hemp oil for skin One of the most frustrating feelings is trying a new product for your skin and having a negative reaction. Most of the products on the market are becoming over-saturated with chemicals and excess ingredients that promise to keep your skin clear, flawless and glowing. Usually, these brands fall short on their promises. So what are you left with, you ask? How about an all natural alternative that has multiple benefits for getting the skin you’d like without the extra hassle of adverse effects? Here are five ways you can use hemp oil for your skin to improve.

1. Helps to Hydrate Your Skin

Hemp seed oil is filled with rich, nourishing vitamins and minerals, including omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fats and vitamin E. All of the chemicals in hemp oil’s biological makeup allow it to be a perfect agent for hydrating and moisturizing your skin. Hemp seed oil actually helps to add moisture back into the skin. This gives your skin a natural glowing effect.

2. Locks in Moisture

We’ve mentioned that the hemp oil is great for putting moisture in your skin. However, this amazing plant also helps to lock in the moisture as well. Usually, you need multiple products for adding moisture to your skin then keeping the water molecules from evaporating. You get this all-in-one effect when you use hemp seed oil for your skin. This creates long-lasting moisture that will eliminate your dry becoming dry throughout the day.

3. Aids with Soothing for Irritation and Inflammation

Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) is one of the omega-6 fatty acids that you’ll find in hemp seed oil. Scientists have linked this essential fatty acid to benefits of brain function, reproductive health, and skin and hair growth. It is also helpful as an anti-inflammatory that aids your skin in calming redness, irritation and inflammation when you use hemp oil for skin.

4. Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in hemp seed oil have uses that go beyond hydration and moisture. This plant-based oil can also help with anti-aging solutions. The cannabinoids, and other components have been found to not only be anti-inflammatory but antioxidants as well. The effects of the unique chemical structure of this plant help to fight the common stressors that add to aging effects and stimulate the production of collagen. Hemp seed oil also protects the skin from harsh environmental influences.

5. Gentle on Your Pores

Sometimes your skin gets dry and begins to overcompensate by producing more oil. Hemp seed oil for skin combats this occurrence by moisturizing the skin without clogging pores. This can reduce dirt and oil build-up on the skin that can cause break-outs and acne.

Start Naturally Glowing Today by Trying Hemp Oil for Skin

There’s no doubt that this natural alternative to harsh products can create a long-lasting glow and enhance the fullness and smoothness of your skin. You can experiment with mixing this oil with other natural oils and products, such as essential oils, to create amazing results for your skin. Let us know some other benefits hemp seed oil has had for your skin below! Kindest Regards John ET Devine

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