5 Things to Know About Canada’s Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

canada legalization

canada legalization

Cannabis is all the rage right now, and all eyes are on Canada legalization. After recreational cannabis was voted and legalized in June, the country became open for business Oct. 17.

Before you run to your local weed dispensary, make sure that you keep yourself in the loop on the laws. You can read up on some of the finer points below.

1. The Age and Legal Parameters

Since we’ve known about the plethora of health benefits of cannabis, it was only a matter of time that Canada legalization would occur.

Now that it’s here, you need to know the legal basics. For one, federal law states that the minimum age is 18. Major provinces like Alberta and Calgary are sticking to the 18 age requirement, while most other areas of Canada will require buyers to be 19 years old.

By this law, you are able to carry upwards of 30 grams without legal repercussions.

Not every form of cannabis is legal. You can purchase flower and certain types of cannabis oil. However, edibles, vape pens and other forms of cannabis are still illegal.

2. Where Cannabis Will Be Sold

When you want to buy recreational cannabis, you’ll be purchasing it somewhere different than where you would buy medical marijuana.

There are specific stores set up that allow you to purchase what you need. By law, these stores can’t also sell tobacco and alcohol products.

3. The Growth of the Business

We’re only seeing the beginning of the growth of cannabis in Canada. Not only will legalization bring a tremendous amount of revenue, but it also allows creates job and career opportunities for people interested in the field.

Expect tourism in Canada’s major cities and provinces to boost as travelers and new businesses are looking to partake.

4. Be Careful Crossing the Border

While cannabis is now legal in Canada, you are prohibited from carrying it across international borders. Border patrol agents will be vigilant because legalization is so recent.

Many may ask to search your belongings if you’re exhibiting suspicious activity, so never take this risk.

5. There Is A Limited Supply

It appears that cannabis professionals weren’t quite prepared for the overwhelming demand for their products. Dispensaries have been well stocked, but recreational marijuana stores right now are playing catch up to meet this demand.


Because of this, you’ll want to keep checking in with your go-to stores to stay up to date about what they have in stock.

Stay Tuned to Canada Legalization News

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