About Hemp Canada Owner John Devine
About Hemp Canada Owner John Devine

Hello and welcome to About-Hemp-Canada-Owner-John-Devine,
I’m your host John Devine go figure…lol

I was born and raised on a warm sunny day in Port Arthur, Ontario which changed it’s name to Thunder Bay, In  January 1970 it amalgamated with Fort William and the townships of Neebing and McIntyre to form the city of Thunder Bay.

I have lived and worked across Canada. I’ve served in the Canadian Armed Forces, And now reside back in Thunder Bay.

I came across industrial hemp 6 months ago.. I was searching on line for some thing that would help with varicose veins and stumbled across industrial hemp.. Truthfully I’ve ever even heard of it before. So any ways I gave Hemp-Seed-Oil-Capsules a shot and low and behold my varicose veins started to shrink.

I’ve lived many years with the pain of those veins and as of today, They have all but gone!  The gel caps have made me feel more energized then I’ve felt for many years. After taking 2 every morning they make me feel more focused, more alert and being it’s 100% natural is all ways a great choice in my books.

I used to use 5 hour energy to boost my self, But the gel caps work much better… No crashing…


So I decided to try out some other industrial hemp products. Being a true Canadian I love my coffee and switched over to Hemp Coffee, It has a nutty aromatic flavor. It’s the very best coffee I’ve ever tasted. I enjoy each and every cup and all ways look forward to the next one or more.

Being a guy..

Hand lotions have all ways been a pain to use… I’m not one to reply and reply.  So the hemp-oil-hand and body lotion works together with the gel caps. The gel caps works it’s magic on my insides and the lotion does me on the out side. How cool is that! So I apply the lotion only once per week.

My friends and family kept bugging me to get them the products I’ve been using. So that’s why I decided to open Hemp-Canada to share all these Hemp products to Canadians.

Kindest Regards
John ET Devine