Hello and welcome to Affiliate-Account-Instructions-Activation page.
I’m John Devine site owner & chief bottle washer.

Thank you so much for being a Affiliate with Hemp Canada!

So lets get started shall we,

After you login to your account for the first time you may see this
If you filled in the application properly you will not see this when you login!

Congratulations, the administrator has approved your application. You have
one more step to complete before you can begin publishing for this store
and generating revenue! The store owner has specified the terms of your
agreement, which you will need to review and agree to.

Click where it says   Review Terms and Get Started      from within your affiliate account

Review Terms and Get Started!

You will go to a new page.
At the bottom of that page click where it says to

Agree to Terms  and check mark the box

Then you go to a new page

Add payment details
be sure to add any email you wish for paypal…even if you don’t have an
account with them..
Click submit

You will be sent to a new page

It says
Your payment details have been submitted

From within your account click where it says  some creative

Now would be a great time to go pick some creative and get started.

This will finalize your account set up. You can all so use this at the end of any product on hemp Canada

Your link will look like this

If your still having problems just let me know by replying to your welcome email.

Kind Regards
John ET Devine
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