history of hemp

A History of Hemp: Step Back in Time and Learn the Origins of Hemp

Why are we all talking about hemp, all of a sudden? Here’s a better question: why did we ever stop talking about hemp? Hemp has been with humanity for literally thousands of years. Hemp’s blacklisting in the modern US is an aberration, not the status quo. Let’s take a closer look at the history of […]

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Hemp Your Health: 4 Diseases That Can Be Helped With Hemp

Modern medicine is great. It saves lives and is helping us live longer and healthier lives, but we should not lose sight of the power of natural products. For centuries different cultures have used hemp and hemp products, harnessing it for its medicinal properties to help treat a whole range of ailments.  Did you know […]

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Hemp-Best-Soft-Gel-Capsules, How to Choose the Best Hemp Soft Gel Capsules Are you looking to purchase hemp soft gel capsules? If so, read on to learn how to select the right hemp capsules for your needs. The good news is that governments around the world are realizing the amazing benefits of hemp oil and legalizing its […]

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Hemp-Oil-Care-How-To, How to Care for Your Hemp Oil Products You want your hemp oil products to last as long as possible. Storage plays a major role in the quality and longevity of hemp products. Read on to learn how to care for them. Hemp-Oil-Care-How-To. Did you know there are proper ways to store hemp oil […]

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5 Delicious Hemp Recipes You Have to Try 5 Delicious Hemp Recipes You Have to Try Hemp can be incorporated into a lot of different recipes. Read on to learn about 5 delicious hemp recipes you have to try. Hemp has many health benefits but, unfortunately, is still relatively unknown to most consumers. If you’ve ever considered […]

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Why Your Hair Will Love You for Switching to Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner Why Switch to Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner Forget the chemically-packed shampoos and switch to hemp. Read on to learn why you should switch to hemp shampoo and conditioner. Do you use shampoo? When asked this question, 305 million Americans responded with a […]

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hemp oil vs cbd oil

Clearing the Air on Hemp Oil Vs. CBD Oil: What You Need to Know

Since long before Canada’s historic legalization, one of the most common causes of confusion has been around the difference between CBD and hemp oil. The two oils have a similar look, smell, and genealogy, leaving many people to wonder “are CBD oil and hemp oil the same?”. However, despite these core similarities, hemp and CBD […]

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cannabis infused coffee

Cannabis Infused Coffee: Why Your Morning Isn’t The Same Without It

Starting your day with a cup of Joe has become so standard, that we hardly even think about it. More than 2.3 billion servings of coffee are consumed in Canada each year. CBD Oil, on the other hand, is a relatively new product. Extracted from either hemp or marijuana, CBD oil is a hot new […]

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weed and beer

Bottoms Up: We Pour Out the Facts on Weed and Beer

If you love weed and beer, there’s a great new product on the market for you: hemp infused beer. It combines the best of both worlds. In fact, if you’ve ever been around the hops used to make beer, you might have noticed that they smell a lot like hemp. This is because both plants […]

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