canada legalization

5 Things to Know About Canada’s Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Cannabis is all the rage right now, and all eyes are on Canada legalization. After recreational cannabis was voted and legalized in June, the country became open for business Oct. 17. Before you run to your local weed dispensary, make sure that you keep yourself in the loop on the laws. You can read up […]

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hemp seeds vs chia seeds

Hemp Seeds vs Chia Seeds vs Flax: Which Is Better?

  “Super seeds”, such as hemp hearts, chia, and flax are reigning as a top health food additive. You can mix a tablespoon of your favorite seed into a smoothie, salad, or even some oatmeal for a nutritional boost. Many assume that all super seeds perform the same role in delivering nutrients and vitamins. But, […]

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Hemp-Canada-Lest-We-Forget-Remembrance-Day-Canada, On November 11 at 11 a.m., First World War came to an end, lasting over 4 years and killing or injuring over 30 million soldiers. This World War has changed countries and cities and even people. King George V sent out an appeal to the British Empire on 6th of November, 1919, urging that […]

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Hemp-Halloween-Spirit, It’s almost that time of the year Hemp-Halloween-Spirit  and people are getting ready by decorating their homes with creepy wallpapers. Children are choosing their costumes ready for another fun night of trick-or-treat! But how can you get into the awesome Halloween spirit? Well there are many fun things to do alone or with your friends […]

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hemp seeds

How to Eat Hemp Seeds: 8 Delicious Recipes You Have to Try

  Canada was the second nation to legalize marijuana in the world. Hemp seeds, however, are perfectly legal in every country. Plus, they’re healthy. You’re probably wondering, “What is hemp?” People often confuse hemp and marijuana, but they’re actually different plants. Hemp doesn’t contain any THC, so it doesn’t get you high. Incorporating hemp into […]

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difference between hemp and marijuana

What Is the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

  Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about cannabis in the news cycle. With the Canadian government legalizing marijuana and allowing it to be used for medical reasons, some of the stigma surrounding the plant has started to fade away. In the United States, the legalization process of cannabis has been a bit […]

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hemp coffee

Why You Need to Switch from Regular Coffee to Hemp Coffee

Coffee is something that you simply can’t go without. It helps you to wake up, stay focused, and get things done, and that’s fantastic in its own right. But what if your coffee could do a lot more? What if it had the power to help you with weight loss or even gave you health […]

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  Submit-Guest-Post-Guidelines, Hello and thank you for your interest in Submit-Guest-Post-Guidelines! Before you join the other bloggers that post here on Hemp-Canada. Let me lay down some tips and important things for you to consider when submitting your post to ensure that it gets approved. How can you become a Hemp-Canada contributor? To become a regular […]

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Happy-1-st-Birthday-Hemp-Canada, Hello and welcome to Happy-1-st-Birthday-Hemp-Canada, Well it’s been a interesting ride to say the least. I made a few bloopers along the way.. What can I say.. I’m a chef not web site guru….lol And to think I was only a user of the hemp products and  now I  sell amazing hemp products. Not a […]

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benefits of hemp oil

Amazing Health Benefits of Hemp Oil Capsules

Are you looking for an easy way to boost your overall health? If so, consider adding hemp oil capsules to your daily routine. Hemp is neither habit-forming nor psychoactive and has a myriad of benefits and uses. But is hemp oil healthy for everyone? And how can it benefit you? Keep reading for the answers […]

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