Cannabis Careers: 5 Hot Jobs in the Hemp Industry

cannabis careers
cannabis careers

In 2019, and the cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing job markets in North America. With the entire country of Canada legalized along with nearly half of the states in America, there are jobs galore for cannabis connoisseurs. 

If you’re looking to find your niche in this booming job market, look no further. We have some of the hottest cannabis careers to bring your job prospects to new highs. 


The name says it all. A budtender is a bartender, but for cannabis products! However, this job is more than simply putting on a smile and ringing people up.

Budtenders need to be extremely knowledgeable about different types of cannabis strains and products. A lot of people are completely new to the world of cannabis, or simply know it from smoking weed in their friends’ basements. It’s like trying to explain different types of craft beer to someone that only drinks Bud Light. 

If you’re a people person with a passion for cannabis products, budtending can be a fun and rewarding career.


If you’re looking to jump into the cannabis industry without much knowledge or formal education, trimming is the way to go. 

I know people have heard horror stories about trimmers in Northern California that simply vanish into thin air, but now that the industry is legal, trimming is a safe career that is easy to get into. 

It can be long hours, but oftentimes you’re paid by how much you trim, so if you sharpen those skills, it can be a great way to make money and work your way into the industry.

Edibles Chef

Smoking isn’t the only way to get high (or enjoy the non-psychological benefits of CBD). Edibles are one of the fastest-growing products in the cannabis industry.

If you have a background in culinary arts, or simply love to cook and love cannabis, this is the ideal career for you. 

Edibles used to only be associated with baked goods, but there are a plethora of edible options now. Marijuana and marijuana extracts can be infused into everything from candy to soda to hemp seeds themselves

Marketing Director

If you lean more towards the business side of things, there are still plenty of jobs for you. 

Marketing professionals are highly sought after in the cannabis industry because of the stiff competition between products. Each company needs their stuff to stand out from the rest, and a good marketing director can do just that. 

Other Cannabis Careers and How to Learn More

These are just a few of the many cannabis careers in the growing industry. From lab technicians to dispensary managers, to delivery services, no matter your niche, there’s a job. 

If you’re looking to gain more knowledge to make yourself stand out, you’re at the right place. From new and interesting cannabis products to a shop where you can purchase some of those products and try them for yourself, we have it all here.

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