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hemp oil vs cbd oil

Clearing the Air on Hemp Oil Vs. CBD Oil: What You Need to Know

Since long before Canada’s historic legalization, one of the most common causes of confusion has been around the difference between CBD and hemp oil. The two oils have a similar look, smell, and genealogy, leaving many people to wonder “are CBD oil and hemp oil the same?”. However, despite these core similarities, hemp and CBD […]

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  Submit-Guest-Post-Guidelines, Hello and thank you for your interest in Submit-Guest-Post-Guidelines! Before you join the other bloggers that post here on Hemp-Canada. Let me lay down some tips and important things for you to consider when submitting your post to ensure that it gets approved. How can you become a Hemp-Canada contributor? To become a regular […]

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benefits of hemp oil

Amazing Health Benefits of Hemp Oil Capsules

Are you looking for an easy way to boost your overall health? If so, consider adding hemp oil capsules to your daily routine. Hemp is neither habit-forming nor psychoactive and has a myriad of benefits and uses. But is hemp oil healthy for everyone? And how can it benefit you? Keep reading for the answers […]

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Hemp-Eco-Friendly-Environmental-Health, Hemp-Eco-Friendly-Environmental-Health  North Americans are facing increasing environmental concerns on multiple fronts, these days. Increased CO2 levels are causing our climate to change. Non-biodegradable plastics are polluting our land and water, and our reliance on finite resources. Like wood and fossil fuels are destroying the delicate eco systems that sustain us. The problems at hand […]

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Hempseed-Source-omega-3-fatty-acids Hempseed-Source-omega-3-fatty-acids has been around for hundreds of years. Although often mistakenly associated with psychotropic effects, hempseed does not have any of those, and it is an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Those fatty acids have beneficial effects on health such as improving cardiovascular health. Preventing platelets aggregation, improving ischemic heart disease and […]

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