CBD-For-Migraines-And Headaches-Does-It-Work? Do you continuously get headaches and migraines that you cannot simply shake off? Painkillers do the trick, but we know how addictive they can get, not forgetting to mention the side effects! We bring the possible use of CBD for migraines to your attention.

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If you have ever experienced a migraine or a severe headache, then you know how excruciating and uncomfortable they are. Now imagine having that feeling for two to seventy-two hours straight? It sounds absurd, but that is someone’s reality.

CBD has been that one substance that has gained popularity overnight in the medical industry. The health benefits of CBD are numerous, with examples of usage in oncology for cancer patients, also as medication for diabetes and pain relief for multiple conditions. And this brings us to our question, can CBD migraine balm or any other CBD medication be used to aid headaches?

CBD Products

Let’s find out,
Before we get into the nitty-gritty in answering how does CBD oil works for migraines and the likes, let’s find out the leading causes of headaches and migraines.

Causes of Headaches and Migraines

Here are a few causative agents of headaches and migraines in the human body.

Inflammation is when body tissue swells as a reaction to impact or injury. This tissue can be a muscle, tendon, nerve, or even an organ. When inflammation occurs, the blood vessels dilate and send more blood to the affected area.

Within the blood is healing agents like hormones and antibodies inside white blood cells, which help fight off the inflammation’s causative agents. When this happens in the head or neck regions, someone gets a headache.
Conditions such as diabetes might cause such inflammations when they target the optical nerve.

Infection can be viral, bacterial, or fungal in the head or neck regions. And this directly affects the blood vessels and tissues in those areas resulting in severe headaches.

Medication side effects,
Some medications state on their leaflets that one possible side effect is headaches and migraines. Sure, not everyone gets to suffer through one, but the few who do, have it rough.

Lifestyle choices,
Some things we do also cause headaches. Such things are not drinking enough water, indulging in smoking, drinking alcohol, or having too much caffeine.

CBD for Migraines and Headaches,

Where does CBD come from?
CBD, which stands for cannabinoids in full, is a natural chemical substance found in the hemp plant with numerous benefits to the human body. CBD products come in many forms like pills, capsules, and even CBD syrup review highlighted in this CBD syrup review. But that is just the tip of the iceberg; there are so many other forms.

Can CBD Oil Work for Headaches?
For inflammation
CBD for migraines is fundamental as an anti-inflammatory agent. The CBD molecules interact with the endocannabinoid system in a lock and key manner to balance out chemicals, hormones and other body constraints such as temperature.

CBD-For-Migraines-And Headaches-Does-It-Work?

CBD counteracts the effects of swelling caused by prostaglandins’ stimulation. Prostaglandins are a selection of hormones that react to swelling that causes pain and fever.

For pain relief,

The body metabolizes a chemical substance called anandamide, and when this happens, you feel pain. A CBD dosage works against the breaking down of this substance, thus, increasing its levels inside the bloodstream. And the effect is one becoming numbed to the pain caused by the headache or migraine.

For stress,
CBD also has admirable effects on the brain to fight off depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues by initiating serotonin’s production, which helps counteract the above matters, which may cause one to get headaches and migraines.

Using CBD for Migraines,

The first thing is to get checked by a specialist to determine the source and cause of your headaches, as well as the type of headaches you suffer from. The second thing is to purchase the products from a trusted source, and thirdly, use the product as intended in the prescribed dosages.

The types given may be capsules, pills, tinctures, topical creams, balms, or vapes. Every CBD product usage must be on prescribed terms, and self-diagnosis and dosing are discouraged. The doctor must be the one to tell you when to take CBD for migraine, and you have to follow that to the latter.

So does CBD for migraines work?

From the information relayed above, CBD for migraines does work. But get started by knowing the root cause, purchase the legit products, and use as prescribed.

If you have been suffering from headaches and migraines, we highly recommend CBD. So try it and leave any questions or comments below.

CBD-For-Migraines-And Headaches-Does-It-Work?

Author’s Bio:
Rachel is a freelancer, and her fiance has chronic migraines. She searched for possible cures to help her beloved and stumbled upon CBD, and she has since then helped him use it to ease his headaches successfully