Is CBD Not Working For You? 5 Reasons Why That Might Be Happening

cbd not working

Is CBD not working like you hoped it would? Before you decide the whole thing’s a scam, consider this. There are legitimate and fixable reasons your CBD’s not affecting you much.

It may have something to do with your biology or your dosage. Or maybe the product is simply a dud.

In any case, you’ll find the 5 most common reasons below. Try addressing these problems to enhance your CBD experience.

1. You’re Using a Low-Quality CBD Product

Was the disappointing CBD product selling at a suspiciously low price? Deals that sound too good to be true often are. Perhaps the CBD you’ve been using has little effect because it’s a faulty product from a disreputable vendor.

Because CBD is becoming so popular, more and more companies are making CBD products. Some of these brands (Hemp Canada, for example) operate with integrity and strive to make the best quality CBD products on the market.

But a lot of them are just trying to sell a cheap product as much and as fast as they can. One study that analyzed the CBD content of different products found that 31% of them had only one-tenth of the promised amount of CBD.

The Good News

There’s some good news about this, though. One is that it dispels the myth that the entire CBD market is a scam.

Another is that it’s a hustle you can avoid falling victim to. Always check online reviews of the product and vendor before you purchase it. 

2. The way You’re Taking It Doesn’t Work For You

Most OTC drugs, like Tylenol, generally work the same way for everyone. CBD is not like that. The way the body reacts to CBD is quite different for each individual.

One thing this means for you is that it may be the delivery system, that is, the specific way you’re using the CBD, that’s not working. Your body may respond positively to one delivery system and be more resistant toward another.

For example, if ingesting CBD doesn’t relieve your chronic back pain, maybe a topical application of CBD will. If your CBD’s not working right, try a different delivery system.

3. You’re Taking the Wrong Dosage

As we said, every individual’s reaction to CBD is unique. So finding the most effective dose is a challenge for everyone. It may be your CBD’s not working because you haven’t gotten the dosage quite right.

The best way to learn your perfect dosage is to start taking a very small dose and gradually increase it. To help this process, keep track of your dosage and its effects until it’s just right.

4. It Needs More Time

Not all the effects of CBD are immediate. Some of them are more long-term.

Your daily dose won’t yield these long-term effects until your body’s had enough exposure over an adequate amount of time. The amount/duration of use this conditioning requires varies from person to person. Just know that it can take weeks or months of CBD use before you experience the results you’re looking for. 

5. You’ve Built Up a Tolerance

If you’ve been taking a lot of CBD over a long period of time and still experience little to no effect, take a break. You may have built up a tolerance and your body no longer reacts to it. 

Stop use for a few days. Then, start over, taking a low dose and gradually increasing it.

CBD Not Working?

CBD not working as desired usually indicates these common issues. If you’re not feelin’ it with your CBD product, try addressing the problems on this list.

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