Clearing the Air on Hemp Oil Vs. CBD Oil: What You Need to Know

hemp oil vs cbd oil

hemp oil vs cbd oilSince long before Canada’s historic legalization, one of the most common causes of confusion has been around the difference between CBD and hemp oil. The two oils have a similar look, smell, and genealogy, leaving many people to wonder “are CBD oil and hemp oil the same?”.

However, despite these core similarities, hemp and CBD could not be more different, in terms of usage, effect, and evening pricing. Depending on what you’re looking for, knowing the difference is essential. Here is what’s different between hemp oil vs CBD oil and what you should be looking out for.

Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil: The Basics

It’s first important to address why people get the two oils confused in the first place. Hemp and CBD both come from the same plant species, which are cannabis indica and cannabis sativa, both of which will probably feature quite prominently in your local weed dispensary.

However, this is where the similarities end. When comparing hemp extract vs CBD extract, the most important thing to know is that they come from entirely separate species of those same plants. The result is a totally different effect.

CBD oil is higher in THC, which is one of the active ingredients in marijuana. Hemp oil has virtually zero THC at all and does not tend to have any of the effects of marijuana.

CBD oil, naturally, has a high CBD count, which is the ingredient in marijuana which brings positive physical and mental symptoms, just without any trippy effects.

Hemp oil is produced industrially, has been legal for years, and has virtually none of the beneficial effects associated with CBD. This is the most important thing to remember.

So if you were wondering, is hemp oil the same is CBD oil, the answer is a resounding no.

Uses of CBD Oil

CBD oil has many of the proven medical benefits of marijuana, which is why it is officially used as a medicine. The uses of CBD oil include but are not limited to:

  • Treatment for cancer cell growth and symptoms
  • Treatment of inflammatory disorders
  • Treatment for anxiety and depression
  • Treatment for insomnia
  • Treatment for epilepsy
  • Treatment for muscle spasms
  • Treatment for loss of appetite
  • Treatment for most types of chronic pain

As you can see, for those wanting to know what is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil, it’s that CBD oil is a medicine, while hemp oil is not.

Uses of Hemp Oil

Despite biological similarities, hemp oil has virtually zero similarities with CBD or any well-known cannabis-based product. Uses for hemp oil include:

  • A nutritious and taste-enhancing cooking ingredient
  • Natural skin moisturizer
  • Boosting your body’s immunity
  • An industrial substitute for plastic
  • It can be used as a bio-diesel fuel, similar to how vegetable oil is

As you can see, the differences could not be starker. Always check clearly whether your oil is labeled as a CBD or hemp oil. Hemp oil typically contains less than 0.3% CBD.

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