Does-CBD-Help-Sexually? A lot of people are interested in harnessing the healing powers of CBD oil. There is increased speculation concerning the use of CBD for sex, though research is still inconclusive.

Since the late ’90s, the widespread mentality in society about marijuana users was that they were deviant. A dark cloud hangs around them. And most preferred to indulge behind closed doors or in dark alleys.

But now, there is a paradigm shift that has altered that rigid mindset. The past decade has seen legal battles in courtrooms and demonstrations on streets, all fighting for the legalization of cannabis.


As more evidence supporting the use of cannabidiol for health and wellness-related issues became available, the anti-cannabis legal stance relaxed. The benefits of CBD are widely known, and you can find cannabidiol products in stores, online, in women’s handbags, and even in granny’s medicine cabinet.

Recent studies have revealed that there may be a connection between CBD and sex. But before we delve into how CBD for sex works, we need to know what is CBD oil.

What is CBD oil?

According to studies, CBD (cannabidiol) is so far the second most prevalent component in cannabis. Unlike THC, the other active ingredient, cannabidiol, is widely used for health and wellness due to its non-psychotropic properties. When ingested, CBD benefits both the body and mind.

Cannabidiol is extracted in the form of oil from Cannabis Sativa strains. It is then incorporated into various food and products to suit an array of preferences. There are:

● Gummies

● Confectionary like chocolates

● Topical creams

● Massage oils

● Vape oils

● Lubricants

● Tablets and capsules

They are administered either orally or dermatologically and work in different ways. Thus, conduct some research and make inquiries to determine the best fit for you in the bedroom. You can also utilize free online resources such as CBD Shelter.

They have tons of informative content that will help you comprehend  CBD for sex impact and other ailments. Which brings us to the question, what effect does cannabidiol have in one’s sex life?

Connection Between CBD and Intimacy

So, what is a healthy sex life? It may be when you possess the power and knowledge to express your sexuality leading to sensual gratification. And this is where cannabidiol comes in. When consumed, the component interacts with receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which arouse sensations of calm and relaxation.


Anxiety and fear are proven mood-killers. If you are insecure during intimacy, your performance is automatically altered. The use of cannabidiol can alleviate both general and sexual anxiety. It enables you to step out of your head and into the moment.

While cannabidiol relaxes you, it also increases feelings of desire. When you use CBD spray oils or massage oil, you stimulate blood flow, encouraging the body to prepare for intimacy. You are also able to connect deeper with your partner. Once the mood is set, couples can experience greater levels of pleasure.

Cannabidiol is also praised for its analgesic attributes. Conditions such as arthritis or endometriosis may hinder you in the bedroom. Massaging cannabidiol over the affected areas helps relieve pain. Women affected by dyspareunia (pain during sex) can consider CBD-infused lubricants for healthy sex life.

A doctor or clinical therapist may prescribe cannabidiol to patients whose sex lives are affected by conditions that affect libido, such as ED (erectile dysfunction) and menopause.


To know how to use CBD oil correctly for the best results, you can consult with a doctor or a marijuana expert. Ensure you find your ideal CBD dosage for optimized sensuality under the sheets.

Last Word

CBD can be found worldwide, thanks to mainstream acceptance of its benefits to health and wellness. If you are looking to ignite the flame in your boudoir, CBD for sex may just be what you need.

Conduct a little research to find your preferred CBD-infused aphrodisiac. Have you tried CBD drops or vapes? Share with us in the comments.

Author’s Bio

Rae Hudson is a therapist from Colorado. She advocates for the use of CBD for overall wellness. She is also celebrated in the world of drugs for her contribution to the research of cannabis products and their health benefits


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