Hemp Oil for Dogs: A Human’s Guide to Helping Their Furry Friend

hemp oil for dogs

Have you noticed hemp and CBD popping up everywhere? Do you have an ailment that CBD oil can help? How about your dog?

The Hemp-CBD market is hot right now. It is expected to reach $22 billion by the year 2022.

The 2018 Farm Bill differentiated hemp from other cannabis plants because hemp doesn’t make you high. This bill has opened up the hemp industry and, though there are still some restrictions, helpful products have hit the market.

From hemp dog food to CBD for dogs anxiety, there are ways that hemp oil for dogs can keep your dog healthy. Here’s a guide to what you need to know.

Hemp Oil for Dogs: What Can It Do For Man’s Best Friend?

You may be wondering about CBD dosage for dogs among other information. While your vet should always be consulted before giving any new treatment to your dog, here are some of the things hemp oil can do for your canine companion and what you need to know about keeping the dosage at a safe amount.

Is It Safe For My Dog?

You are right to be concerned. Some strains of cannabis contain high amounts of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive chemical that leads to marijuana users getting high. This compound is toxic to dogs in large doses.

Hemp, however, is a different strain and it is regulated to contain less than .3% of THC. This is a level that is safe for dogs.

Cannabidiol is another compound found in hemp. This one is not psychoactive and research shows that it has many health benefits.

Health Benefits for Dogs

With the correct CBD oil dosage for dogs, there are many ways that it can help with what ails your dog. Let’s look at ways that it can help.

1. Helps with Inflammation and Pain

Cannabidiol is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can be taken orally or used topically.

Its use will control the inflammation and pain that accompanies many chronic conditions such as arthritis and other issues like an ear infection.

One study claims that it slows the progression of osteoarthritis. This could be life-changing for our older four-legged friends.

2. Curbs Stress and Anxiety

Does your dog freak out during thunderstorms? Does Fido get nervous when you’re getting ready to leave the house?

Organic drops should be given orally to combat anxiety in your dog.

3. Can Counteract Cancer Symptoms

CBD oil for dogs with cancer is not a cure, but it can help with the negative symptoms that accompany a cancer diagnosis.

From cutting off nutrients that cancer cells need to survive to increasing your dog’s appetite to keep up the good fight, CBD oil can help.

Can Hemp Oil Be The Answer?

Now that you’ve learned how hemp oil for dogs can benefit your furry friend, are you going to give it a try? It might be the answer you’ve been looking for to treat your best friend. Check out the rest of our blog for all things hemp from jobs in the industry to yummy hemp smoothie recipes.

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