For Baby Smooth Skin: How to Make Hemp Glycerin Soap

hemp soap

Hemp is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet.

Thankfully, it’s also one of the most versatile plants when it comes to providing a myriad of industrial and health benefits.

The fibers of the plant can be used for eco-friendly textiles and papers, its seeds can be used to make flour, and its oil acts as a food supplement and natural moisturizer. 

If you’re looking for a great personal care product, look no further than hemp soap. This product is easy to make and will leave your skin smooth and rejuvenated.

Keep reading to learn how to make your own hemp soap right at home.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant. The plant carries minute amounts of THC, making it unfavorable for recreational intoxication.

As mentioned previously, the plant has many uses. These range from making shoes to deriving CBD oil for medicinal use.

DIY Hemp Soap

Hemp oils are also frequently used in personal care. The oil has a high content of fatty acids, which allows it to apply more smoothly onto the skin. This smooth coverage also provides greater protection against the elements while retaining moisture.

Here are two recipes you can use to make your own hemp soap right at home:

DIY Hemp Face Bar

This bar is specifically formulated to be used to cleanse and moisturize the face.

This makes 8 4oz soap bars.


You can also add a few additions to your soaps, which are optional. These include a tablespoon of essential oil or soap coloring.

  • 2 lbs of melt and pour soap
  • hemp-oil
  • silicon soap mold
  • soap cutter
  • rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle
  • microwave-safe bowl


  1. Cut your melt and pour soap into smaller pieces and place into a microwave-safe bowl
  2. Microwave the soap for 30 seconds, stir, and microwave again until fully melted
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of hemp oil and any soap coloring, or fragrance oil if desired
  4. Stir the mixture until completely blended together
  5. Pour the mixture into the silicon soap mold
  6. Spray the top with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles
  7. Allow 3 hours of cooling at room temperature
  8. Remove soap from the mold, and slice into bars
  9. Let it cure for 6 weeks on a wire rack

For easier slicing, consider freezing the soap (still in the mold) for 15 minutes.

DIY Hemp Body Bar:

This soap bar provides hydration and applies smoothly onto the body. It uses several different oils to give you the ultimate protection from dry skin.


  • 1 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 1 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 1/3 cup hemp seed oil
  • 1/2 cup of lye
  • 1 1/2 cup cool, filtered water
  • silicon soap mold
  • soap knife
  • microwave-safe bowl
  • thermometer

You can also add a few additions to your soaps. These include a tablespoon of essential oil, herbs, or soap coloring. Consider a 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of essential oil per pound of soap.


  1. Mix the lye into the cool water (never add water to lye!)
  2. Stir until the mixture starts to clear and leave it to cool.
  3. Mix all 3 oils into a microwave-safe bowl and heat in microwave until it reaches between 95-105 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. When the lye reaches the same temperature range, slowly mix it into the oil mixture and stir until smooth and creamy
  5. Add optional essential oils, coloring, or herbs
  6. Pour mixture into a silicone mold
  7. Allow the soap to cool and harden for at least 24 hours, then cut it
  8. Cut soap, and let air-dry for at least 6 weeks until completely firm

For easier slicing, consider freezing the soap (still in the mold) for 15 minutes. This trick will also help harden the soap faster, minimizing the “curing” process.

Final Thoughts

Today, you can easily enjoy the benefits of hemp as the market is finally embracing all of the health benefits the plant has to offer. 

Making hemp soap at home is simple, and provides you with an all-natural moisturizing product that will leave your skin smooth and soft. If you don’t want to wait 6 weeks? Drop by our shop.

For more resources on the health benefits of hemp and other DIY projects, visit our blog today.

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