Hello and welcome to Happy-1-st-Birthday-Hemp-Canada,

Well it’s been a interesting ride to say the least. I made a few bloopers along the way..
What can I say.. I’m a chef not web site guru….lol

And to think I was only a user of the hemp products and  now I  sell amazing hemp products. Not a bad deal paying wholesale for my self ;o) and family. So to day is your chance to save on all the hemp products I sell

Just incase you missed this post oosp I mean new product


Here’s your chance to get this new member ship 100% Free.
Yep you’ve read that right 100% Free.

You’ll only save 25% off for ever!

What’s the catch?

Only 4 catches easy ones

Here they are

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  4. And last but not least the first  member to complete the tasks above and reply to this email wins 25% discount membership plus all the products related to it. Including to save the 25% off for ever!  Happy Birthday click here.
  5. 2nd and 3rd prizes are the discount membership with out the prizes.
  6. Please be sure to include your users names for the above accounts.

Here’s a recap on the prizes.

1st Prize:
25% Discount membership with all these products

The following items are included in the First Prize

Natural-Hemp-Shampoo-N-Conditioner                                                        $32.00 Value
Hemp-Dream-Hand-Body-Lotion                                                                    $21.00 Value
Hemp-Canada-YZZ-Nature-Spray                                                                   $18.00 Value
Natural-Hulled-Hemp-Seeds-227g-Bag                                                          $  9.50
Sweet-N-Cinnamon-Hemp-Seeds-227g                                                          $  9.50
Dill-Pickle-Hemp-Seeds-227g                                                                           $  9.50
Tex-Mex-Spicy-Hemp-Seeds-227g                                                                   $  9.50
6 bars Vegan-Hemp-Hand-Made-Hemp-Soaps                                            $36.00
Cool-Hemp-Coffee                                                                                               $18.50
Total Value                                                                                                          $163.50
Plus free shipping

2nd & 3rd Prizes:
Will receive
The 25% discount membership with out the products.

I have all so set a site wide sale ;o) for those of you missed out on  the prizes above.

Last but not least,

The 25% discount coupon will work with your account only!
It will not work with any other coupon codes you may have saved!

Warmest Regards
John ET Devine


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