It’s almost that time of the year Hemp-Halloween-Spirit  and people are getting ready by decorating their homes with creepy wallpapers. Children are choosing their costumes ready for another fun night of trick-or-treat!
But how can you get into the awesome Halloween spirit? Well there are many fun things to do alone or with your friends in order to get the spirit in your veins.

The classic start-up for Halloween can be of course a scary horror movie, what can be better? There will always be a horror movie there for you that won’t let you sleep all night (or the whole week who knows). You can also grab your lover and watch the movie together and cuddle each other during the jump scares.

You can always continue with a sweet bonfire with your friends. What can be better than sitting around a bonfire telling creepy stories with your friends? Grab your closest friends and get some horror stories ready to make them scared.

Active Neighbourhood,

If you’re living in an active Neighbourhood there are endless activities you could go to organized by your neighbours such as mazes or haunted houses or even hiking trails which can be really spooky. You can find several activities on the internet by just one click.

Stephen King is my favorite Halloween writer. Rings a bell? Writers such as him or Edgar Allen Poe are the perfect authors to read during Halloween. Their spooky fictions will make you jump right into the Hemp-Halloween-Spirit.

Carving pumpkins,


Is something even I do. It’s the easiest thing you can do in order to prepare yourself for this spooky celebration. You can’t call it Halloween if you haven’t carved a pumpkin. You can even paint pumpkins after or before carving!
Talking about carving pumpkins, you can do a carving pumpkin contest! Call over all your friends and see who is the best carver. Announcing this before Halloween can give them time to create their own design. So, telling them shortly can make a funnier contest to see who’s more creative in the time-being.

Fun Foods

Making fun food can be a great thing to do with your family or friends. Who doesn’t love ghost pancakes? If you know someone who doesn’t don’t trust that person. The recipes are pretty simple, just make a simple pancake, shape it like a ghost and instead of eyes put chocolate chips.


Has become an international celebration and is famous in many countries for its traditions.
For example, in South Korea in the heart of Seoul, streets are getting closed for vehicles and many places are getting opened ready for parties and other activities. Another great example is Italy, Halloween being also known as “The Souls Day” and is celebrated on November 1st.


Is known for not having so much humor but they do embrace Halloween which is new to them. They put away knives during this night to prevent ghosts from hurting them which is something no other country is doing.


Has a totally different way in celebrating this event. They called this day Pangagaluluwa in which children pass from door to door and offer songs (rather than being costumed) in exchange for food. The meaning is that children are singing to the songs that are still in purgatory in order to help them reach Heaven.
To wrap it up one can easily agree that Halloween is one of the most recognized and fun holidays around the world. There’s just so many things you can do, it’s easy to find something right for every person celebrating it.

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John ET Devine

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