5 Amazing Benefits of Hemp Lip Balm

hemp lip balm

Is the long, cold winter taking its toll on your lips? Or do they tend to feel dry all year round?

You’re not alone — studies show that dry skin is extremely common and can occur at any age. Dry, chapped lips are painful and annoying, but they don’t have to be permanent.

Investing in hemp lip balm is a great way to keep your lips healthy, smooth, and protected.

Read on to find out why hemp is the secret ingredient for soft lips.

1. It Moisturizes Dry Lips

Hemp oil is blended beeswax and other natural oils to create a lip balm that’s seriously moisturizing.

The oils absorb quickly into your skin to provide lasting hydration, while the beeswax creates a protective layer that seals in the moisture.

Other lip balms might provide short-term results, but hemp products offer lasting moisture no matter how dry your lips are.

2. It Protects You from Cold Air

Cold air quickly dries your lips so applying balm is a good preventative measure.

The magical blend of hemp oil and beeswax will coat your lips completely and stay in place long after you apply it, creating a strong barrier between the cold air and your sensitive skin.

Keep a small pot of lip balm in your pocket and remember to apply before you go out into the cold.

3. It Helps Soothe Sore Lips

Hemp is well-known for its soothing and pain-relieving properties so it’s an excellent choice if your lips are already suffering.

Massage the balm into any sore areas and you should start to feel immediate relief. Balms made from natural ingredients like hemp won’t make the irritation worse, unlike some popular lip balms which are full of artificial chemicals.

Keep using the lip balm regularly to make sure that the irritation doesn’t return.

4. It Reduces Inflammation

Hemp oil has the power to reduce inflammation, which is what makes it so useful for conditions like arthritis and chronic pain.

In lip balm, hemp oil will quickly solve any issues involving redness or swelling, which is perfect if your lips constantly look red and chapped.

Rather than covering the problem with makeup, get straight to the source with a hemp oil lip balm. You’ll soon see a reduction in inflammation, meaning no more pain or discoloration.

Apply the balm several times a day for as long as your lips are inflamed. Avoid using products containing harsh ingredients as they’ll only make the problem worse.

5. It Helps Repair Sun Damage

Did you know your lips could be damaged by UV rays?

That’s right — even when it’s not that sunny.

Luckily, hemp oil lip balms help restore moisture and repair sun damage with their hydrating blend of ingredients.

If you’re often out on sunny days, look for a balm that also offers UV protection.

Should You Use Hemp Lip Balm?

Hemp lip balm is soothing, moisturizing, and made from completely natural ingredients.

If you’re suffering from dry, chapped lips and want to avoid harsh chemicals, you should definitely give it a try.

Want to grab your own hemp oil lip balm? Check out our store today.


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