Hemp Your Health: 4 Diseases That Can Be Helped With Hemp


Modern medicine is great. It saves lives and is helping us live longer and healthier lives, but we should not lose sight of the power of natural products.

For centuries different cultures have used hemp and hemp products, harnessing it for its medicinal properties to help treat a whole range of ailments. 

Did you know that hemp can be used in the manufacturing process of over 25,000 different products?

Keep reading to find out just four different health problems that you could get relief for today thanks to hemp. 

1. Skin Disorders

Hemp seeds are a natural and healthy way for people to treat many different skin disorders. The skin requires a balance of fatty acids, especially Omega-3 and Omega-6.

These just happen to be the two fatty acids that hemp is chock full of. Further to that, it happens to have a near perfect ratio of 3:1 in favor of Omega-6

Hemp seed and hemp seed oil have been shown to help cases of eczema by reducing redness, swelling, and itchiness.  

2. Heart Disease

There is no bigger global killer than heart disease. It just so happens that hemp seeds have high levels of a particularly important amino acid–arginine. 

Arginine is important because it produces nitric oxide which is vital for the effective dilation of blood vessels. Using hemp seeds will lead to lower blood pressure and as a result a reduced risk of heart disease. 

3. Chronic Pain 

Hemp comes from the cannabis plant, but hemp is a very different product. Everybody knows that cannabis contains high levels of THC–the compound that produces the cannabis high. But it also contains CBD, another chemical that is fantastic for pain relief. 

Hemp oil, while derived from cannabis has high levels of CBD but very low levels of THC making it a wonderful product to use when treating chronic pain anywhere on the body. 

4. PMS and Menopause

Anywhere up to 75% of women will experience PMS pain and symptoms during their reproductive life cycle. 

The cause of PMS is believed to be due to a sudden sensitivity to a protein called prolactin.

The benefit of using hemp to fight PMS is that it contains a compound called Gamma-linolenic acid. This, in turn, contains a product that is known to reduce the effect of prolactin and therefore offer relief from any discomfort or pain its presence can cause. 

Hemp and Hemp Products Can Lead the Way to a Better Future

The bottom line is that hemp, and in particular, hemp seed oil is a potent tool that already has a wide range of medical uses and could help us live even more natural and healthier lives. 

Combine the current known uses for hemp and the science that is advancing modern medicine at such a pace and who knows what the future could bring for hemp derived medications. 

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