Hempy Christmas! 5 DIY Hemp Bracelets to Give This Christmas

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As the years go by, it seems like Christmas shopping for friends and family only gets harder and harder. And although there’s always something new to hit the shelves and flood our television with commercials of why that item backs the best gift, it’ll only end up getting put away in storage.

Sadly, many Christmas gifts are only used once or twice before forgotten about completely. However, this can all change. By handmaking your own Christmas gifts to give out, it makes the item more personable and special. 

Create something they’ll treasure forever. Make them hemp bracelets that they can wear each and every day. Here are 5 DIY hemp bracelets that your friends and family will love!

1. Beaded Hemp Bracelet

For this bracelet, you’ll need about 100 inches of 1mm hemp cord. You’ll also need to select the beads of your choice. Just be sure that the hole in the beads is large enough to fit two pieces of hemp cord through. 

Grab some tape, scissors, and glue, and you’re ready to start! Using square knots, begin creating your beaded hemp bracelet. As you create the knots, add the beads onto the bracelet where you’d like. 

You can use Christmas color beads or choose the receiver’s favorite colors. Adding small gold beads is a great way to turn a hemp cord bracelet into an elegant jewelry piece!

2. Celtic Knot Bracelet

Braiding Celtic knots into your hemp cord creates something truly unique. You can also add in other features around the bracelet such as buttons, rings, or engraved beads. It makes for the perfect gift for someone who wants to display their Irish pride or just enjoys the beauty of the culture. 

Sticking with all bronze pieces is an excellent way to make the bracelet feel authentic. 

3. Macramé Hemp Bracelet

Take the hemp cord and use your macramé techniques to create something stunning! Instead of braiding a bracelet that ties together at the ends, use something to hold the two ends in place instead. Take a gemstone or jewel, a golden ring, or other similar features to bring the bracelet to life. 

Doing so gives the bracelet flair and makes it look like something you’d find at the store!

4. Kumihimo Bracelet

For this pattern, you’ll want to choose from a variety of colorful hemp cords. Purchase a Kumihimo kit to help you create beautiful designs. The different colors braided together make for a visually pleasing piece. 

Don’t forget to add beads or other pieces of jewelry onto it to finalize the bracelet.

5. Woven Hemp Bracelet

Braid together an original spiral hemp bracelet. While doing so, add in tiny yet colorful beads along the way. These beads are small, but they catch the attention of anyone walking by.

When using a natural tone of hemp cord, the beads stick out even more. To really tie things together, consider using only two different colors of beads and creating a pattern with them.

Hemp Bracelets Are the Perfect Christmas Gift!

When having trouble finding the perfect Christmas gifts to give your friends and family, keep these hemp bracelets in mind! These 5 designs make for the perfect Christmas bracelets that’ll leave everyone with a hempy Christmas. 

Need more information on how to create your own jewelry? Click here to find out more!

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