Mental Health Benefits of Hemp: Everything You Need to Know

Benefits of Hemp
Benefits of Hemp

People are rapidly realizing the benefits of hemp. In Canada, the hemp industry has recently surpassed $30 million in generated revenue.

The major health benefits for the body have been long known. But more and more, individuals are waking up to the many mental health benefits of hemp.

How can hemp seeds and oil boost mental health? We’ve laid out everything you need to know about healthy hemp consumption.

The Hype Around Hemp

Hemp is often confused with recreational marijuana. And that makes it both controversial and misunderstood. 

In reality, hemp usually contains a minute amount of THC. Since it’s practically void of that psychoactive ingredient, it simply doesn’t get the consumer high. 

And the benefits of hemp actually include boosting brain function.

Mental Health Benefits of Hemp Oil and Seeds

Hemp oil and hemp CBD oil has become wildly popular in recent years because of its benefits. 

Studies show the compound can cut down anxiety. It’s been linked to lower stress, and it has been shown to reduce physical pain. And it has even been pegged as a powerful treatment for seizures

Seeds are another form with the same big benefits. In the same way as oil, seeds can be a convenient way to cut inflammation and reduce mental pitfalls like depression.

How Hemp Helps Mental Health

The health benefits of hemp come into play when they jumpstart the brain with protein, essential fats, and vitamins.

Here are some ways each ingredient of hemp boosts body and brain function:

Hemp’s Protein Powers 

Hemp seeds hold around 25 percent protein. That alone makes it a good option for anyone looking for a plant-based diet.

And protein can improve mental clarity and behavioral development. 

Hemp also contains a hefty amount of all nine essential amino acids. That means a person can get these crucial body and mind builders through the special seed.

Healthy Fat in Hemp

The key healthy fat hemp provides is Omega-3. And it’s an important missing piece to most western diets. 

Omega-3 reduces inflammation and strengthens the heart. That means better overall health and clearer thinking. 

This ingredient alone is a key combatant of anxiety. And it has been shown to cut down depression.

Hemp’s Vitamin B Benefits

Higher energy, sharper neurotransmitters, and upped metabolism: they’re all associated with vitamin B.

It also helps the body use existing energy reserves to kick the brain into high gear. 

Hemp is packed with vitamin B. And that includes different types of vitamins, like vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6. 

The Best Ways to Take in Hemp

There are tons of delicious recipes for cooking with hemp

Seeds can be worked into salads and smoothies. And the benefits of hemp oil can be found through things like special dressings.

Hemp seeds also go great as a topping for things like yogurt, Buddha Bowls, or roasted potatoes. 

Getting all the Benefits from Hemp

These are some of the benefits of hemp for both the body and mind. But there are even more ways to get the most out of this special compound.

Want tips, tricks, and the latest in hemp? Check out our blog here for more from the experts.

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