New-Thunder-Bay-Location, Hey there thank you every one that have helped support Hemp-Canada over the last 4 years. We are now strong enough to open a stand alone off line business here in Thunder Bay.

Sorry to say but we had to close due to un for seen complications covid closures where to much to deal with. Free delivery in the city of Thunder Bay.

You can find us at The Hub Bazaar 507 Victoria Ave East, Thunder Bay

I’ve taken a few before and after photo’s below. Please have a peak ;o)
As I start on a new path.

Shampoo Wall. Just need to add a cool picture above it. Not to bad of a shelf I made
Lookin pretty sharp now.. I think ;o)
The new soap room. Just need to unpack all those bags on the top shelf and add two more shelves… Never ending

My new DIY Shampoo-Conditioner-Bubble Bath-Body wash Night Time

Day Time DIY shampoo, conditioner, body wash, an bubble bath
The red wall which was dark blue at one point..
Scarves & Slouchy Toques
My corner shelf I made.. needs to have a front face plate added
Yummy hemp seeds Dill pickle & Maple Cinnamon ;o)
I changed up the shelves a bit..
Changed this one to.. with any lick I’ll be open Friday lunch time ish ;o)
So drop on by.

So there you have my next project drop on by my blog for a read click here

My outdoor sign.. Not to dark it gets direct sun light all day
Indoor sign facing Safeways
Decided to ad some brightness to the shop

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