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The year 2020 has definitely been very unusual. Word and phrases like – pandemic, lockdown, social distancing, isolation, self-quarantine, and many more have become common in our lives. We have lost many near and dear ones, and sadly there is nothing we can do about it.

There is no definitive measure or any medically approved vaccine which can save us all from the deadly coronavirus. The only gears we can depend on in this situation are face masks, gloves and sanitizers.

Fortunately, products like Organic-Pique-Hemp-Face-Mask-Eco-Friendly are made available in the market today, and they are not only safe, but 100% natural as well.

Hemp Masks

If you don’t want to inhale the possible fumes from plastic, polyester, bleaches, and dyes, then hemp face masks is what you need. It is a chemical free all natural fiber, and can provide optimum protection against airborne pollutants and contagious viruses. These masks are suitable for adults and children, and are comfortable to wear for all day long.

These masks are suitable for anyone who is chemically sensitive, or is struggling from allergies. After all, these masks are all-natural, and thus contain no VOC, PVC, GMO, plastic, elastic, bleach, dye, dioxin, formaldehyde as well as no chemicals like PFAS. Basically, it is absolutely made using natural fiber, just like it should be for you and your family.

Hemp Masks Vs Cotton Masks

It is antimicrobial: Hemp is far better than cotton, because of a variety of plant chemicals and alkaloids present in it. Above all, hemp is well-known to contain CBD, which has plenty of therapeutic benefits.

So, when you have a hemp mask, you have something which can kill germs naturally, before they can even enter your body. Now, isn’t it a great protection to have on your side in this deadly battle?


Better absorbency: The plant hemp has a very distinctive molecular structure. It can effectively hold nearly 50% of its own weight in water. Now, this means no matter how humid the climate around you is, you can expect the hemp mask to absorb all the sweat.

Completely biodegradable: Do you have any idea about how many masks are purchased and disposed on daily basis? Billions, yes billions. Now, all these used masks are on their way to landfill sites, and they will stay there for years and years.

The thing is, processed cotton is not completely degradable, and it might take decades for it to decompose completely. Where, hemp changes into compost very quickly.

Very Sturdy: There is no doubt about the fact that hemp is very strong and sturdy. After all, ropes are made from hemp and not cotton. If you want to invest in a mask which will give you protection for long. And wont tear apart easily, then hemp mask is what you are looking for.


Well, keep in mind, hemp masks are robust, but not rough. With the help of modern technology. A very soft and comfortable fabric is made using hemp.

To conclude it can be said that hemp is certainly and ideal material to manufacture masks. Nevertheless, sadly, as it is not marketed well, cotton is getting better publicity.


Let’s home this situation will change soon, and common people will have more access to this amazingly protective hemp masks

Hemp is a weed, so it grows prolifically with little water and no pesticides. It takes up relatively little space. Produces more pulp per acre than trees, and is biodegradable.

Hemp crops even give back by returning nutrients to the soil and sequestering carbon dioxide. Virtually every part of the plant can be used

How sustainable is hemp fabric? As a crop, hemp is exceptionally environmentally positive. It requires around 50 percent less water to grow per season than conventional cotton and can grow in a range of soils at high yield. As a textile hemp is biodegradable, versatile and long lasting

Hemp is much more resistant than cotton. It is hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the skin.

In fact, hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics currently available. The plant is very naturally resistant to pests and growth requires little water.

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