Our-Straightforward-Guide Hemp-Oil-Dosage-for-Optimal-Results

Our-Straightforward-Guide Hemp-Oil-Dosage-for-Optimal-Results

Have you ever wondered about how you should be taking hemp oil to optimize your health, boost your workout recovery and reduce inflammation? There are a huge number of ways in which hemp oil could benefit you and your overall health. In this article we’ll give you a run through of some of these benefits, how to take hemp oil and what amounts you should start with. If you’ve been thinking about trying hemp oil, we have a number of tips for how to make the most of the benefits that hemp oil can offer for you!

The Benefits of Hemp Oil

For many Canadians, modern medicine is letting them down in their health search – but hemp oil is increasingly becoming the solution that they need for great results! Indeed, the health benefits of hemp oil are numerous, and if you struggle with any of these conditions then you may wish to consider looking into how hemp oil could be the right product for you to try.

Reduced Anxiety and Improved Mental Calmness

One of the most commonly quoted benefits of choosing hemp oil as a supplement for your diet is that of its ability to control anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression are becoming ever more common in our modern lives unfortunately, and this trend is unsurprising really; after all, we only really need to consider the rapidly growing levels of stress across the world to see why this is the case!

Finding relief from the symptoms of anxiety and depression can be tricky, and for many people, turning to medications from the physician isn’t necessarily the answer to this either – after all, treatments for depression and anxiety can themselves come with a huge number of side effects.

These might help to treat the anxiety or depression, then, but the side effects themselves might hardly feel worth it! But hemp oil could be the alternative to this that people need to find the right approach to relief.

Completely natural and derived from organic hemp plants, hemp oil and CBD are able to trigger receptors in the brain which release compounds that mimic the effects of anti-inflammatory medication and some pain medications (without the nasty side effects). This helps reduce cortisol levels, stress responses and anxiety to provide whole of body calmness.

Pain Relief

As is the case for many modern medications for anxiety and depression, pain killing medicines are often not all they are cracked up to be! Indeed, these medications can cause several side effects themselves or can even be addictive in nature (particularly those from the opioid family), and this can leave you with a real problem.

So, what is the solution? Well, you could just accept that the pain is going to be a part of your life now – but who wants to do that, really? Instead, adding hemp oil into your life could be a good way to find relief from the pain without the notorious side effects and addictive nature of pain killing medications.

Furthermore, the effects of pain relief can also be applied to other conditions which cause tightness and pain such as arthritis, making hemp oil a potential solution for many causes of pain and suffering! Plus, taking hemp oil can be incredibly easy and practical compared to some other alternatives which might make it something that you should be considering.

Top Tips for Buying the Right Hemp Oil

When it comes to purchasing your hemp oil product, there are a huge number of benefits that you already know – however, it is important that you first make sure you’re purchasing the right type of hemp oil. Indeed, not all hemp oil is created equal and so it is so important that you have done your research so that you can choose the right hemp product for your needs.

Now, there are a huge number of things that you might want to consider when choosing the right hemp oil for you, but some of the key things that you’ll want to think about are summarised as follows.

For one thing, you should of course think about your budget and the price of the oil that you are buying. Not all hemp oil will represent good value for money so, if you can, you should try to shop around to make sure that you are getting a hemp oil product that balances quality with price.

If you are regular hemp oil user, you may also get better value by buying bigger bottles of hemp oil at once (bulk discounts).
In addition to this, do not forget to consider the brand reputation for the product that you are buying.

Sadly, while we would like to hope that all hemp products would be high quality, this is not always the case. Thinking about your chosen brand’s reputation for quality is the easiest way to be confident in this, then.

Ensure you’re purchasing from a brand that uses organic, pesticide free ingredients and has a formulation that will meet your particular needs – a good example of this is Bondi Hemp Oil.

Make sure that you also consider the purity and potency of your chosen hemp oil, too. Different products have different purities, which impact the strength of your chosen hemp oil, as well as the amount of oil that you will need to take to see the desired results.

Now, choosing hemp oil doesn’t need to be difficult – but just make sure you take some time to consider the different pros and cons for the products you are buying so that you don’t get caught out with buying a hemp oil or cream that isn’t going to be right for your needs!

Tips for Taking Hemp Oil

If you have never taken hemp oil before or want to make the most of your hemp oil supplements, then it is important that you follow our top tips for taking hemp oil. This will allow you to get the most from your product and ensure it meets your needs – whether you’re looking to improve recovery times and reduce training inflammation or help with anxiety and sleep.

Is Hemp Oil Right for Me?

First, we highly recommend that you consider the results that you want to achieve from your hemp oil, as this will impact on how you should be taking the oil. In fact, this might even impact on whether hemp oil is the right choice for you; in fact, you might even find that a different solution (such as hemp cream) might be more appropriate for your needs.

Consider whether you need a solution like skin moisturisation which lends itself to oils and creams that can be applied topically or need a product that can help reduce inflammation in a particular area like hemp balm.

If you have localized pain, hemp cream or making up hemp cream by using your hemp oil is typically better as this will allow for localized pain relief. Alternatively, if you want results quickly (for example, for sudden pain) then you may instead want to invest in hemp vapor as this is taken into the body much more quickly and so you will also see results far more quickly.

If you don’t like the taste of hemp oil, you could also consider specialist hemp foods and drinks such as hemp gummies. These are great for taking on the go and generally are made to taste (almost) as good as the real thing. For people who struggle with the flavour of normal hemp oil, then, these could be a good option – but be aware that these may often be more expensive ways to get your hemp oil.

Dosage for Hemp Oil

Now, there is no one rule as to the right dosage that you should be taking when it comes to hemp oil – everyone is different, of course, and so the amount of hemp oil that you need to take for best results will also vary. As such, we recommend that you start off with trying a low dose of hemp oil and, if you don’t think this gives enough of an effect, then you can slowly up the dose.

To start with, you should check the dosage recommendations that are suggested on the packing of the hemp oil that you have bought. This minimum dosage will depend on the potency of the oil, as some oils can be incredibly potent (high in hemp and active ingredients) while other oils will contain less hemp per drop. Therefore, always follow the instructions specific to your chosen hemp oil.

As already mentioned, if you are new to taking hemp oil, we recommend that you try to start with the minimum dosage guide on the packaging, and you can then slowly increase the amount that you are taking until you are seeing results that you desire!

By following this method, as a new user of hemp oil, you may also help to limit the early side effects of hemp oil, such as stomach discomfort, by taking a smaller amount. This will give your body more time to adjust to the new supplement that you are putting into it. It’s also prudent in detecting and preventing potential allergic reactions or side effects early on.

Studies have shown that a dose of up to 1200 mg a day can be taken by people without seeing serious side effects, so it’s safe to say that overdosing on CBD is going to be very difficult. Generally, this would equate to about 60x most products’ daily serving suggestion!

Now, we don’t recommend that you go anywhere near this dosage – but it’s good to know anyway in case you accidentally take more hemp oil than you had meant to!

Side Effects of Hemp Oil

There are very few side effects of taking hemp oil, although it is important to note that you may experience some mild stomach discomfort while your body adjusts to the new product.

You should take comfort knowing the World Health Organization conducted extensive studies of the product and found almost no potential addictive properties or side effects which is extremely rare amongst any chemical with neurological effects.

However, if you have chosen a product that is not pure, you could be facing different side effects!
Indeed, if you choose a hemp product that has been contaminated with THC, for example, then you might even find yourself getting high from the supplement – so always ensure that you are buying a pure and high quality product instead!

There are many high-quality hemp oil supplements available online, so there really is no reason to need to buy anything other than a premium quality oil.

Final Thoughts

Hemp oil can offer a huge number of benefits for your health and diet, and the high allowance of CBD in our diets before side effects are seen means that it is also a very safe supplement to take!

However, we always recommend that you follow the instructions on the packet for your chosen hemp oil product, and always start with the lowest recommended dosage and slowly increase this over time until you find a dosage that is right for your body’s needs. After all, we are all different – and the ways in which our bodies respond to hemp oil differ, too.

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