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Hemp Natural Bath and Body Beauty

As nature made – a complete skin care line for all ages and all skin types.

Prone to acne and wondering about the Oil in all the Hemp Seed Oil in our skin care formulations?

Hemp seed oil may just be the holy grail for acne sufferers due to its anti-inflammatory properties and low Comedogenic  rating of 0.  (Comedogenic simply means likely to cause comedones. Non-comedogenic, therefore, means unlikely to cause comedones!  A comedone is a plug of debris (made up of bacteria, oil, dead skin cells, and skin care ingredients)  filling a skin pore. Comedones commonly appear as blackheads and sometimes as whiteheads. Comedones trap the oil that normally flows out of pores and a pimple will often develop around this trapped oil.)

Never, ever tested on animals! Just us humans.
Natural Preservatives!

There are many essential fatty acids found in Hemp Seed Oil, however the acids most similar to our skin’s lipids are Omega 3, 6 and 9. Omega 3 has great anti-inflammatory benefits that can therapeutically heal skin conditions. Omega 6 is essential for the healthy functioning of skin and can coat the outer layer