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Hemp Seed Oils Cold Pressed

Contains more desirable Omega 3, 6 fatty acids (86%) and less saturated fat (8%) than any other natural oil. Our Hemp Seed Oil is the only available Hemp Oil that is clean, that does not make companion foods green, that does not taste overwhelmingly of hemp and that does not contain the shell particles and residues that make other hemp oils unstable.

We are pleased to offer you three choices in flavors:  Natural, Garlic and Red Pepper and Rosemary.  Can be used alone as a supplement dose — recommended at two (2) tablespoons per day, or great for use in dips, spreads, marinades, salad dressings and so many other creative ways.

Hemp Seed Oil for all your oil needs and reap the health benefits … A Healthy Food …

It is best to keep your Hemp Seed Oil in the refrigerator once open.

Hemp-Seed-Oils-Cold-Pressed,natural resource Hemp yields three raw materials; baste fiber, herds & seeds. Using these three ingredients in different ways, thousands of products can be made, all of which are biodegradable, including a strong plastic. Hemp is a valuable, sustainable eco-friendly resource, and is loved due to all its many uses, for purposes of this article I will be focusing on the seed’s oil and how it benefits the skin. As consumers I believe the more you understand how ingredients work, the more prepared you will be to effectively use them and make healthy purchases.