Description: Fall dwindles, and in steps, winter is bringing a myriad of skin-related issues. As the temperatures drop, you may notice dry skin that cracks or flakes. CBD for skin is gaining popularity in the beauty and cosmetics industry, which leaves us wondering, can CBD help protect your skin in the cold seasons?

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Protect-Your-Skin-in-The-Cold-Season-With-Cbd, Skincare is an essential part of everyday grooming. But with winter looming, most people put the daily task on hold. After all, we spend a substantial portion of the day under layers of warming clothes. As we transit from fall to winter, the dry air tends to strip your skin of moisture and oils.


The cosmetic sector advertises thousands of creams and balms, but due to an increased preference for herbal solutions, people turn towards cannabidiol products. But can CBD help skin issues? Does it work even during the cold seasons?

How the Cold Weather Impacts Your Skin

As the season change, so does your skin. The cold, dry air deprives the skin of moisture. And it worsens when the snow falls and people rush to indoor heating. When it is cold, people also tend to urinate more.

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All these factors cause you to lose fluids becoming dehydrated. When you are exposed to a draft of freezing winter winds, your skin is stripped of its natural oils, leaving it cracked and dry.

CBD For Skin: Does It Work?


Most people are familiar with CBD benefits related to health, such as relieving pain or muscular tension, improving sleep, and minimizing stress and anxiety. But what does CBD do for skincare? The beauty industry is steadily catching up. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make the connection between cannabidiol and your skin.

Cannabidiol, the chemical compound we commonly refer to as CBD, is derived from hemp and Cannabis Sativa. It has numerous advantages for the human mind and body. Cannabidiol interacts with particular endocannabinoid system receptors to bring about various reactions.

Although research into the topic is in the infancy stages, numerous users’ anecdotal evidence seems to point to its notoriety in health, wellness, and now, skincare. CBD products are available in multiple forms.

Even though topical CBD for skin products like oils and CBD creams for dry skin are mostly utilized, you can find the best CBD wax, vape oil, or flower if you prefer to smoke. Or tinctures, capsules, and tablet supplements for oral ingestion.



Healthy skin rejuvenates by itself. Dead epithelial cells shed off, and new ones take their place. But during the cold season, if you are regularly exposed to the dry air, this renewal.

process slows down dramatically. Thinner areas like the lips are the first to indicate signs of drying out.

Using CBD in skincare products influences the skin in the following ways:

● CBD hydrates the skin from the inside-out. And unlike regular lotions that coat the surface of your skin, it penetrates deep through the layers.

● The cannabis derivative is known to have inflammation-fighting properties, making CBD effective in soothing redness and treating acne.

● Skin produces its oils. CBD influences lipid production in the sebaceous glands, protecting you from the harsh weather elements.

Where to Buy CBD for Skin

With the current coronavirus pandemic, movement and social interaction are highly restricted. The online CBD market may be an excellent place to shop. Otherwise, you can visit a local dispensary, spa, or shop. Wherever you opt to buy, ensure the CBD skin product is of high quality for the best outcome.

No need to worry if you are aboard the DIY wagon. You can easily infuse cannabidiol in products you use every day or make your own from scratch. There are tons of formulas, tutorials, and blogs you can access for guidance and advice. The biggest perk is you can incorporate several other essential oils for added benefits.

Take Away

To protect your skin from the harsh winter weather, consider natural remedies such as CBD. Aptly mentioned above ways how CBD helps skin retain its luster through fall and winter. Therefore, incorporating CBD into your skincare regimen is a sure way of protecting your skin through the cold seasons.

Do you have any experience with CBD for skin conditions or a DIY tip for homemade CBD-infused topical cream? We would love to hear about it. Please share with us in the section below.

Author’s Bio: Rachel H. is a clinical therapist known for her strong views on CBD’s dynamic legal front. She is an avid advocate for the holistic utilization of CBD products for overall wellness. In her free time, Rachel loves to write, travel, and experience new cultures.


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