Forget Decaf: Why You Should Make the Switch to Hemp Coffee

hemp coffee

Do you know what the most popular beverage in the world is? It’s coffee! Over 400 billion cups are enjoyed each year around the globe.

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you consume one or more cups of coffee a day? Do you avoid coffee later in the day or at night because of the caffeine?

Instead of switching to decaf, you might want to try the next big thing in coffee: hemp coffee.

What is hemp coffee? Is hemp-infused coffee the same thing? Does your curiosity have you wondering how to make hemp coffee? Is CBD coffee the same as hemp coffee?

Keep reading to find out why you may want to make the switch.

Hemp Coffee: Is it the Next Big Thing?

With the legalization of cannabis in a growing number of states, have you noticed an influx of new CBD and hemp products? Is hemp coffee the next big thing?

Hemp coffee? No, it does not contain THC, trans-delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or the chemical in marijuana that gets you high. On the contrary, hemp actually has some health benefits. Here are a few great reasons why we think it might be a smart substitute for you.

Hemp Contains Omega Acids

Did you know that the hemp plant contains more omega acids than any other plant?

What do omega acids do for you? Omega-3 and Omega-6 are essential fatty acids that reduce inflammation, help your brain grow and develop, boost your immune system, keep your nervous system functioning properly and can prevent mental disorders.

Your chances of having a fatal heart attack are reduced by 10% when you consume omega acids. They’ve also been known to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, diabetes and arthritis.

If you are not getting enough omegas in your diet, this is a great way to get the essential fatty acids you need just by drinking a cup of hemp coffee.

Taste Better, Less Side Effects

Hemp coffee does not have that bitter taste you sometimes experience with coffee. It is easier on your stomach because it is less acidic.

It doesn’t make your heart race or make you jittery the way caffeinated coffee might. You can enjoy day and night without worry of caffeine keeping you up at night.

And say goodbye to the caffeine headache! No worries about too much caffeine here. Most people who made the switch had fewer headaches or no headaches at all.

Changing Your Morning Pick-Me-Up?

Now that you’ve seen the reasons to switch to hemp coffee, are you going to give it a try? It seems like a win-win situation. Whether you are serving it up at home or going out to a coffee shop that offers it, you’ll enjoy the health benefits hemp coffee offers. Check out the rest of our blog for all things hemp so that you stay in the know.

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