The Ultimate List of Hemp Products for Healthy Skin and Hair

hemp products
hemp products

It’s an easy mistake. Buying products full of chemicals to get the longer, thicker hair everyone wants.

But chemicals are harmful. Something natural that does the same thing would be a better option. 

Luckily, hemp beauty products can do this for you. Besides the mental health benefits, hemp helps you take care of your hair and skin so you look and feel your best. 

Check out this ultimate list of hemp products for healthy skin and hair.

1. Lotion

Natural lotion and creams with hemp seed oil promote skin health. These formulas contain an oil (different than CBD) that comes from hemp seeds.

Don’t worry, you won’t get high off of using hemp products. The plant is different than the marijuana plant as it’s much lower in THC. They both belong to the cannabis family, which is why some people get them confused.

When applied regularly, hemp lotion can help your skin heal faster than one loaded with toxic chemicals.

2. Lip Balm Hemp Products

A hemp lip balm is full of natural compounds that keep your lips soft, even through the winter or dry weather. Even extra dry lips benefit from it.

Without harsh ingredients, lip balm with beeswax and hemp protects your lips from drying out.

3. Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner

Long, healthy hair is important to women. Studies show that men think women with long hair are healthier too. You need a safe product that gives your hair a power-up in the beauty game.

Hemp seed oil hair products help your hair grow and make it stronger. The oils, including vitamin E, added to shampoo help your hair hold on moisture.

They’ll also help you protect your hair if you use a hair dryer or a flat iron. Caring for your strands doesn’t need to be a source of stress. Using hemp shampoo and conditioner is a worry-free solution.

4. Soaps

Hemp has a high content of fatty acids, which means that the soaps are smoother than their regular counterparts. They feel good on your skin and don’t dry it out. 

Handcrafted, natural soaps with no colors or fragrances are best. Their vegetable-based ingredients nourish your skin. You don’t have to worry about chemicals or unsafe ingredients either. 

5. Hemp Nature Spray

Instead of using bug spray and coating your skin with harmful substances, try a hemp nature spray. Hemp oil combined with other oils like peppermint and cedar is great for repelling insects. Even ancient cultures used them to protect the body from insects.

These products are safe for your body when absorbed through the skin and help you be in harmony with nature.

Healthy Skin and Hair

Using hemp products on your skin and hair is a great way to cut down on the toxins entering your body. Hemp lotion, lip balm, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and nature spray all help you make good choices for your health.

You can make better choices and still get the results you’re looking for. Shop our natural bath and body products or join our 25%-off club today.

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