What Is Hemp? Everything You Need to Know About Hemp

what is hemp
what is hemp

Hemp has been cultivated and used by humans for thousands of years, only recently becoming a part of a wider political conversation due to its association with marijuana.

While both hemp and marijuana belong to the cannabis plant family, they are completely different substances with completely different uses. Although hemp does not get you high, it has been historically treated as an illegal drug.

Only very recently has it started to become accepted in mainstream society as the facts have become clear. If you’re wondering “what is hemp”, then look no further. Here’s everything you need to know about hemp. 

The Basics 

Much of the hemp vs marijuana debate stems around the fact that they are both related to each other. Whilst both belonging to the same plant family, that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

For one thing, they both look very different in plant form, with hemp having skinny leaves and dense buds, whilst marijuana plants have the opposite. Most importantly, their chemical makeup is very different.

Hemp only contains a microscopic amount of THC, the chemical in marijuana that gets you high. This means that hemp cannot possibly be used for recreational intoxication.

Hemp also takes much longer to cultivate and grow than marijuana and must happen in much stricter conditions. 

Legal Situation 

Canada’s recent passing of the Cannabis Act led to a lot of people Googling “What is hemp oil?”, as the public tried to figure out whether hemp was included in the Act.

Hemp in all of its forms was banned outright by the Canadian government back in 1938. It only became legal to produce in 1961 for specific scientific purposes.

Since then things have changed. The legality of hemp products is still unsure in some areas. However, the hemp market has ballooned and is now worth over $500 million a year in Canada alone.

It’s generally accepted that most hemp products are legal in Canada, although application of the law remains patchy. 

So What is Hemp Used For? 

So you might be wondering what is hemp used for? Well, unlike marijuana, the uses of hemp as virtually endless. It is used in a number of industrial processes, including the manufacturing of rope and paper.

It is also becoming increasingly popular as a tasty and nutritious ingredient in food. If you want to know what is hemp seed used for, just take a flick through some of the thousands of recipes that now use hemp seed as a major ingredient.

Perhaps most important, hemp is used as the main ingredient in CBD oil, which has gained major traction as a medicinal and therapeutic substance. It is currently used to treat a huge range of health issues, ranging from joint pain to anxiety.

CBD products constitute the largest share of the hemp industry’s growth in recent years, as medical professionals increasingly give it the green light as an effective form of treatment. 

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As the hemp industry continues to grow and more people discover the benefits of it, myth-busting is more important than ever. Now that you know the answer to “what is hemp?”, simply sign up and join our community to get all of the important information you’ll ever need. 

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