What Is the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

difference between hemp and marijuana

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about cannabis in the news cycle.

With the Canadian government legalizing marijuana and allowing it to be used for medical reasons, some of the stigma surrounding the plant has started to fade away.

In the United States, the legalization process of cannabis has been a bit slower going. Many states have started realizing the uses the plant can be put towards though. One of the things both countries have been looking at are the benefits of hemp.

Hemp, a type of cannabis is starting to see a resurgence. But what are some of the difference between hemp and marijuana? Can you get high on hemp? What can it be used for?

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The Major Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana

Hemp and marijuana may be part of the same cannabis family but there are a few differences that set the two plants apart.

First of all, there are varying levels of THC found in each plant. While marijuana can have anywhere from 5-30% of THC, hemp should have less than .03%.

That’s a pretty big variance. Hemp grown in the Canada must follow strict legal requirements. Such low levels of THC means the ability to get high off the material is pretty much impossible.

This also means that hemp can be then used for hundreds of more things!

The Legalities of Each Type of Cannabis

There are a multitude of legal issues surrounding cannabis.

While Canada has legalized marijuana, some countries are slow to follow. There are many studies being conducted on how cannabis can aid chronic health issues like epilepsy and arthritis.

But lawmakers in the US often put up roadblocks on just how much experimentation and legalization they’ll allow. https://www.cbdoil.org/cbd-laws-by-state/

Hemp has started seeing a resurgence in farms throughout North America. Many farmers have realized the natural benefits the plant provides.

What Can Hemp Do for Me?

So what is hemp used for?

In the past hemp was used to make things like ropes, woven fabrics for tents, and even paper!

These days many homeopathic professionals have realized that hemp can be used to treat some chronic illnesses in humans and animals.

Hemp oil has such low levels of THC it’s impossible to get high off the material. But hemp is similar to the omega 6 essential fatty oils that are found in fish oil supplements. This means that the oil can be ingested easily, improving heart and joint health!

Hemp is a great resource for those hoping to improve their health without relying on medications or supplements.

Where to Buy Hemp Supplements

If you’d like to try hemp oils but are worried that this sort of cannabis may get you high, don’t worry. Hemp has such low levels of THC you will not endanger your health. This is the biggest difference between hemp and marijuana.

There are hundreds of things hemp oil can be used for. If you’re interested in experimenting with it and seeing how it can improve your life, be sure to visit our site!

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